Gemchildren is a rank that given by Gemguardian from birth. All of this gemchildren are females and there're no males in this rank.


Their classes called Tier.

High-rank tier

High-rank tier are the highest rank and always been held by 1st progenitor Gemguardian (Ex. Diamond) and the most powerful and the leader of all among tiers.

  • Dianna Sfrozawich (Diamond)

Tier I

Tier one are the rank and far stronger than lower tiers but not strong as high-rank tier and the co-leaders of all among lower tiers.

  • Cassandra (Cassiterite)
  • Alexandra Munroe (Alexandrite)
  • Morigan (Morganite)
  • Malice (Malechite)
  • Janice Sartor (Jasper)
  • Anma Munroe (Amethyst)

Tier II

  • Ashlynn (Aquamarine)
  • Chelsea (Celestite)
  • Helga (Heliotrope)
  • Sullian (Suggilite)
  • Moanna (Moonstone)
  • Janna Sartor (Jade)

Tier III

  • Lanny (Labradorite)
  • Russelle (Rubellite)
  • Zira (Zircon)
  • Paula (Pearl)
  • Cynthia (Citrine)
  • Sarina (Sardonyx)

Tier IV

  • Katerine (Kunzite)
  • Tabby (Topaz)
  • Amanda (Amber)
  • (Agate)
  • (Iolite)
  • (Spinel)
  • (Helidor)

Tier V

  • (Emerald)
  • Oona (Opal)
  • Coraline (Coral)
  • (Onyx)
  • (Ruby)
  • (Sapphire)
  • (Thulite)

Tier VI

  • (Flourite)
  • (Shpene)