Jaiden "Jay" Rurey Sartor is a scientist and the younger brother of noblewoman Janna Sartor and Janice Sartor . .


Name meanings

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Physical appearance


Main appearance (Outfit 1#)


Janice Sartor

Janna Sartor

Aaron Rockworth

Aaron is former rival and arch-nemesis and current husband.

Anma Munroe

Powers and abilities


As a mutant mutant, he just stronger than humans and regular mutants but not stronger than Demons, Humanoids/Monsters, Sirens or Angels.

Telepathy: (Most of mutant metatrons) He only can read human's mind if only use for emergency and infunctional mind or untrustworthy people.

Fulgurkinesis/Astrakinesis: He possessed through his godfather and mother.

  • Destruction: He instantly kill his opponent immediately if he choose.
  • Spare: He spares his opponent through injured them (without killing) if he choose.

Superhuman Speed

Flight: He can deploy his transparency four wings if he wants.

Healing Incarnation: He heals the injured people or people who don't have a good condition.




  • All his families through paternal lines are gypsy descendants
  • All among his siblings has begin of their first name "Ja" and middle name alphabet as "U", "R "and "E ". The rest who birth after him are used Swahili middle name.