Janna Uru Sartor is the 27 years-old noblewoman scientist and the one of main supporting character, she's the older sister of Jaiden Sartor and the younger sister Janice Sartor.




Janna, is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "flourishing". Biblical: son of Joseph, and father of Melchi, in the genealogy of Christ. Her middle name, Uru means "diamond" in Swahili


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Janna has same puns as Khanuka's nickmane, Annu. It almost the same but little different spelling: Janna and Khanuka (Annu) and another one, Anma.

Concept art history



Physical appearance

She has shoulder-length raven black hair with green highlights that matches her eye color and two short bangs and paired with long bangs on the right. She has tanned-skin just like the rest of her siblings

Main appearance (Outfit 1#)

As a reseach or scientist, she wear lab coat and wears turquoise turtleneck sleeved with hoop zipper. She wears black skirt and black pantyhose and black belted mary jane shoes.

Powers and abilities


As a mutant mutant, she just stronger than humans and regular mutants but not stronger than Demons, Humanoids/Monsters, Sirens or Angels.

Telepathy: (Most of mutant metatrons) She only can read human's mind if only use for emergency and infunctional mind or untrustworthy people.

Brontekinesis: She possessed through her godmother and mother.

  • Shockwave:

Healing Incarnation: She heals the injured people or people who don't have a good condition. She doesn't use that much.




  • All her families through paternal lines are gypsy descendants.
  • All among her siblings has begin of their first name "Ja" and middle name alphabet as "U", "R "and "E "(Neither Janna doesn't have letter E on the middle name). 
  • Janna, Khanuka and Anma Munroe has same spelling, either the spelling based their name, Anna.