Levi Eustaford, formerly known as Envy was major antagonist, later as supporting character from Fatherclan series. She is the both co-leader of Fatherclan and Motherclan and belongs to/adopted by Eustaford family after Patience brainwashed her. Despites her roles focusing more than Patience, she will be the true main protagonist of this series.




As a demon, she was envious the main personality/personification of 7 deadly sin. She was jealous to see Lust as a centered attention toward many demons liking her, although she likes Lust actually. She is spoiled and short tempered as she doesn't. She is easily manipulated and not intelligent as she can be brainwashed by someone. Due Patience brainwashed her, she has a fullfilled resentment towards demons, like killing Lust into 6666 pieces in 6 hours and she feels to be genocidal to kill all demons around her. After she turns into Nephilim, she's no longer to be envious if she just bit jealous to see people better than her. She is kind and sweet to all her family members or everyone that she loves. She is a skillfull as a leadership if she can hold as co-leaders to Fatherclan and Motherclan and strictness as a leader. Due her strictness she is truly cares for Patience and everyone including her family as a fear about losing the love one.


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