Canon pairings

Canon pairings are pairings that creator featured as official couples and not a fan intepreting


  • Heather Frostrier and Sol Magranice (Lover)
  • Jaiden Sartor and Aaron Stars (Fiancee, eventually married)


  • Gideon Frostrier and Jason Sartor (Lover)
  • Milca Brown-Stars and Hansworth Stars (Married)
  • Loki and Donnatello (Married)
  • Rastin and Raphael (Married)
  • Allmighty Mercedez and Allmighty Ikarus (Divorced)
  • Allmighty Llofrudiaeth and Allmighty Basillica (Divorced)
  • Talique and Hainashi (Partner and lovers)
  • Malcolm and Jayce (Married, loses Jayce and become widowed for Malcolm)
  • Phoebe and Aghar (Separated)
  • Diamond and unnamed female synthesian lover
  • Rachelle and unnamed siren wife

Semi-canon pairings

Semi-canon pairings are pairing that almost featured as canon like mutual crushes, love-friendship relationship and platoonic but not really that much as canon pairings

  • Heather Frostrier and Theodore Corkman (Teddy has crush on Heather)
  • Anma Munroe and Cinthia
  • Allmighty Mercedez and Allmighty Llofrudiaeth ( Close relationship and protect each other more than their own spouses even they are partner)
  • Paula and Rose (Healthy relationship each other and besties)
  • Mallard and Cain (Partner)
  • Mira and Quilin

Crack pairings (depends for creator)

Crack pairings are the pairings that never featured as canon or creator/fan interprete shipping

  • Elise and Heather Frost (Best friend)
  • Allmighty Ikarus and Allmighty Basillica (Good friends and eventually grow closer as a partner)
  • Mira and Lilith (partner)