Winifred "Winry" Corkman, Ph.D is a paranormal investigator and lost-cloned-identical twin sister of Theodore Corkman


Name meanings

She prefers to be called Winry instead Winnie or Winifred (For her is too long if she being called Winifred).

Concept art history



Physical appearance

IMG 20160420 235414

Winry's portrait

She is far looks identical to her sister Theodore Corkman, but she has different hairstyles and body weight (or shapes).Has wide hips a small breast. She has black haired with red eyes. She has side bangs to the left and her cartoonish wavy hair goes through the right.

Main appearance (Outfit 1#)



Powers and abilities


As a normal mutant, she just stronger than humans but not stronger than Mutant Metatrons, Metatrons, Ravens, Fireworlders.

Superhuman strength: Not much about her strength, but little possible if her strength kinda weaker than her twin sister.


Weapon expert: She can handle more than five weapons.




  • Her nickname Winry, named after Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • She is little resemble to:
    • Ford Pines from Gravity Falls.
      • Both of them have twin sibling.
      • Both of them are long-lost sibling through another dimension (later returned and reunited a few years later).
      • Both of them were give an honor as Ph. D.
      • Both of them are paranormal investigator.
    • Marino You from Star Driver.
      • Both of them were cloned sister.
      • Both of them are younger twin sister.
      • Both of them are matured and have immature elder twin sister.
      • Both of them have elder sister who had crush on protagonists.